…You Don’t Love Me Part 2 “I’ll do anything you say boy”

Following on from my post – ‘No no no You Don’t Love Me’, we continue to compare the song by Dawn Penn to real life.

*NB: The below comparison is based on the premise that one person in the relationship has done something wrong whilst the other person has been ‘good’ to them.


2) “I’ll do anything you say boy” (Some lyric sites say – “I’ll do anything to stay boy”)

OK, so I don’t know what the “boy” has done to get her to the realisation that he doesn’t love her any more (he could have cheated or he could have just told her that he doesn’t love her? – The possibilities are endless).

In my opinion, if I now realise that someone doesn’t love me any more despite my efforts, love & time. I don’t really want to stick around. I also wouldn’t really want to do “anything you say”, why should I?… You don’t love me any more!

If as a result of my inappropriate behaviour, actions, disrespect, constant name calling, foul mouth, inappropriate dress, poor attitude etc someone stopped loving me, then I’d understand. As they have reached a tether, the patience has worn out and the ‘love is gone’, so it would make more sense in such situation, if I were to say “I’ll do anything you say”.

However I still don’t condone it, because change starts from within & if some one really wanted to change they would have. You can’t make someone else change.

My husband always says “Don’t reward bad behaviour with Dedication”

And its True.

They say that there are tell-tale signs when a relationship is over. Some signs may have been there from the start, but if due to ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ or being on ‘Cloud 9’, you didn’t see them (aka tell-tale signs); they can look something like this:

  • A decrease in or non-existent communication
  • A decrease in or no time spent together
  • Lack of interest in the other person, decrease in closeness
  • Continuous arguments with no aim for a solution
  • No commitment made to current or future plans together
  • Unfaithfulness; emotionally, physically, getting intimate with other girls/guys
  • Being left out of their plans.. “We becomes I”
  • Increase in Disrespect displayed
  • Only time spent together is to be intimate or there is no intimacy

In many situations I’ve seen people giving all their might to make an unhealthy relationship work, when they should be working on leaving. Yet the reality is that there are several reasons why some don’t (immediately) leave an unhealthy relationship, including (not limited to):

  • Low self-esteem & low confidence
  • Love; believing the other person may change
  • Thinking you’ll never meet any one better
  • Fear
  • Pressure; Peers, Family, Children
  • Dependency on that person for; money, shelter, etc
  • Experience; being only exposed to this type of relationship, this is all you know
  • Up-bringing, it’s how you saw relationships modelled in your family
  • Seeing this as normality

Whatever situation you currently find yourself in, make sure you are genuinely happy, are there by choice and are being treated well!


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