Are all Men Dawgs?

I hear too many times Women complain about Men…..

‘All Men are Dawgs’… ‘All Men are Liars’… ‘All Men are Cheaters’… ‘All Men are the Same’…

In these instances this is coming from a place of hurt. There is no denying that in the past you may have been hurt by a guy, yes he may have lied, cheated, been abusive, etc and No you didn’t deserve it. But to generalise all Men as Liars, Cheaters & Dawgs  etc is not healthy.

I recommend dealing with the hurt that was caused, you need to acknowledge that who ever caused the hurt is not worth your time, love or thoughts. Name and shame the person, not publicly but privately sometimes we make excuses for the dumb stuff they did and never really deal with the raw fact that he was dishonest. We need to;

‘Stop Rewarding Bad Behaviour with Dedication’ – @MrVitoSpeaks

The sooner you start to deal with your past mistakes and clear out tainted views of ‘All Men’, the sooner you’ll be able to SEE yourself being approached by a Genuine, Honest and Faithful Man. You will not recognise Love that you have not prepared for.

Chivalry – Derived from the Medieval Times and linked to the customs of medieval knighthood; a Knight was expected to be courageous, generous and courteous.


However, fast forward 1500 years and Chivalry is seen as something that’s ‘Dead’ or that Men have ‘old fashioned’ views like;

1 – Holding the Door open

2 – Walking on the side of the pavement closest to the road

3 – Offering to help you carry your heavy load

4 –  Offering his jacket if its cold or raining

5 – Paying for the outing

Yet I hear you saying that these Men are Creepy, Strange, Controlling or only Want Something i.e my money or sex.

I’m not in-denial that there are some guys out their who make love a game, they know what to say & do it to get the girl to do something in return. I’m talking about the genuine guys who show and act out of love, kindness, who have self control and are gentle.

‘Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?’

Your desire should be to have a Faithful Man who isn’t shy to;

1 –  Honor his word and keep his promises

2 – Actually pay attention to you when you speak

3 – Is honest and doesn’t play Games with the heart of a Genuine woman

4 – Sticks up for you

5 – Is proud to present you to his friends and family.


Women primarily need Security in their relationships, so ideally your Boyfriend, Fiancé, Husband should be making you feel this.

Your past experiences may make it seem like meeting a Man that wants to Protect you, is Sensitive to your needs, is Faithful and has Integrity; is a bad thing.

That being said most women have been given the reputation of being ‘Nagging’, but as a good woman you are unlikely to “Nag”  if he meets the above requirements.


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4 Things Attractive People Can Do Whilst They Wait for Love

single and waitingI have previously shared my thoughts on what to do when you’ve come out of a long term Relationship or have experienced a Break up. Generally I advise that you evaluate what happened and what went wrong, so that you can work on Developing yourself for the next Right Relationship.

Lets be real, after a Break-up, whilst your trying really hard to ‘Focus’ on you, embracing being single, re-educating yourself on expectations of Men, Women & Relationships. You WILL be approached by Interested parties, you WILL attract people, you may even be asked out….. Its inevitable, because you’re a beautiful, handsome, intelligent & loving person…. I could go on!

The Question is – How to do you handle this attention?… Especially if you’re not really ready to commit or you are being approached by the wrong people.

Well, I encourage you to read my Husbands post  –  4 Things Attractive People Can Do With Their Beauty.

First Date Deal Breaker


“You have an amazing evening with a handsome, intelligent man, the date goes really really well…and then at the END he invites you back to his place for sex. 1st date! Do you dismiss him ? Even though he apologizes and states that sex on the 1st date is what a lot of women do these days after an expensive night on the town, but he is GLAD that you’re different and wants to see you again????”

Regardless of how Handsome or Intelligent the Man is, an invitation for Sex on the First Date is way too far.

Caution: If Sex on the first date is what other girls offer, how many girls has he taken up on this offer?

Seeing this Man again will depend on what you place an importance on. What do you value most? Are you bothered by what you’ve just been asked? How much Respect do you place on your self / on your body? Does he have the right to sample something he hasn’t made a ring sacrifice for? – All I know is that I would be offended.

As a Virtuous Woman, who wants to be Loved by the Right Man if you know you deserve more and To be honest if he is ‘GLAD’ that you are different, then he will appreciate your decline and/or serious talking to.

If in fact you declined & explained that you were not interested and were put off by his request, would he be willing to still show interest in you and continue Courting you?

There’s no harm in continuing your dates, but only with clear guidelines that there will be no sex before marriage, you need to be realistic, consciously or unconsciously he has put a disclaimer out there ‘I’m interested in Sex’. Question is how many ‘Expensive’ dates will you take before you ‘give it up?’. To me it sounds as if He knows the right things to say.

Do not be enticed or seduced by money, flashy, shiny, expensive, designer things – you will find yourself enslaved to it!

Would it make a difference if I said Don’t fall in to that trap, start as you mean to go on & that’s with a Faithful, Confident, Loving and Respectful Man where you’re both aiming for a Monogamous Relationship.

Place a higher value on a persons Character, don’t get it twisted, every one has control over what they say & every one is aware of what they say. So for him to think a simple apology is good enough to pacify your concern is unacceptable. He knew what he was asking and decided to take a risk in asking it.

Guard your Heart!


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