…Part 3 “if you ask me baby, I’ll get on my knees and pray boy”


Following on from my post – …You Don’t Love Me Part 2 “I’ll do anything you say boy”, This is the Last Instalment of comparisons to the song by Dawn Penn.


*NB: The below comparison is based on the premise that one person in the relationship has done something wrong whilst the other person has been ‘good’ to them.



3) “Cause if you ask me baby, I’ll get on my needs and pray boy”

Well they say that “a couple that prays together stays together “. In life I find that it’s at the end of the situation; when things are dire that people then decide to ‘get on their knees’ or resort to finding a solution.

Shouldn’t the aim be to put in the work together and pray together?

I’m a firm believer that people should start as they mean to go on, if praying together is important to you, implement this from the start of your relationship.

The key to maintaining a relationship, is to always talk about your thoughts and feelings, your expectations, ambitions, hopes and dreams. Neither sexes are mind readers, communicate to the other person what ‘Love’ looks like to you, talk about how you hope to continue showing and receiving this type of ‘Love’. Don’t leave things to chance.

If you enter into a new relationship and you’re doing all the work to make it work, then take a hint & ask questions before it’s too late. If you find you’re in a relationship and things seem to have changed, talk to the other person about your concerns, get your thoughts & feelings out there.

Better to know where you stand now, than to waste the next 5 years of your life?

“The truth is REAL LOVE looks like WORK” – @MrVitoSpeaks

Don’t allow yourself to get used to such bad habits.


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Love & Blessings




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