Don’t Phunk With My Heart

Transparency is key – @MrVitoSpeaks

Transparent = Obvious, Open, Frank, Honest, Clear, Easily seen through. / Antonyms – Secretive.

I’m sorry if becoming Transparent inconveniences you, but I am going to hold my heart tight until I know whose side you are on!

Generally, in Relationships its so important to be Honest with each other and to tell the Truth. If you cant do this with friends, in intimate relationships or with your family. Then who can you really say you have a ‘Real Relationship’ with?

How do you form Relationships?..

Well lets assume you meet someone, you get to know them by spending time together, hanging out, meeting up, participating in activities together, talking, texting etc. In these scenarios, we assume we tell each other the truth?

Or are we jut trying to make a really good first impression?